ATWI Summit 2018

Welcome to the All The Way In Summit 2018,
to be held at the beautiful Knoll Farm
in Vermont's Mad River Valley.

Saturday, July 28 - Sunday, August 5, 2018

Eight nights - seven full days of singing together
Concert on Saturday, August 4th, 2018
No planned sessions on arrival or departure days

Arrival 4:00 pm onward on Saturday, 
Welcome dinner 7:00 pm
Departure , Sunday, August 5, 2018 after breakfast


Dear singers of All The Way In,

Thanks so much for your feedback regarding our next gathering. As always, our tribe has a strong desire to stay together in the same place and to keep costs low to include as many singers as possible. We have found a beautiful home for our 2018 Summit in Vermont (east coast USA) and the cost is the lowest we could put together. We think it will work out very, very well.

All food and lodging included: quads $ 1400, doubles $1500 and private rooms (there are only 5) $1600 This is a great option for 2018-beautiful, easy to get to, we will all be together enjoying organic food from the farm (veggie and meat for those of you missing meat!), with swimming nearby in a cold lake and another fabulous singing barn... our 2018 home away from home.

Our gatherings are growing every year. Ideas and friendships are growing every year. Musical opportunities are growing every year. Our love for each other and this music grows every year.Our shared adventures inspire and heal, and the learning expands our horizons.

We have started our featured artist listings - our current artist is Charlotte Roberts. We hope to see more of you submit work to share-it is a great way to get to know each other and your work in improvisation.
 (see the new featured artist opportunity)

There will be sessions with me to further your understanding of Vocal River and answer your questions and we will once again ask members to lead some special sessions -share some lessons. Please write to Margie if you have an idea or lesson you would like to share.

I continue to be inspired by projects in dance and cultural collaboration. Working with dancer/choreographer Margie Gillis of Montreal, I learn how the Vocal River exercises open to movement and how dazzling that is, seeing and hearing this work from directly inside our bodies. Margie and I enjoyed time together again at Hollyhock this summer (2017) and look for our four day non-residential offering in Montreal in fall of 2018. Also a recent project with Shinto Shrine/ improvisation dancer Shizuno Nasu and Kumu Hula extraordinaire Kekuhi Keali’ikanakaole called Elements brought Japanese, Hawaiian and Western cultures together. Soon we hope to travel to Japan together! .I learned how the layers of language and our personal history shed light on our shared reality. Wow! Our rehearsals were magic. I am eager to share with you how that fired me up.  Each year I take part in a Hawaiian Island ceremony that reminds me of the spiritual practice inherent in our work together. I am committed more than ever to speaking out loud the ritual of improvisation and to heighten our awareness of all the places we can share this approach to music.

I am also delighted to be traveling to Australia for a spring tour 2018 with Laurence Hobgood. Some very exciting concerts and workshops are in the works from Brisbane to Tasmania. You also may have noticed Laurence is coming to the farm and we will offer a new workshop together: It's All Music, Exploring the fundamental connection between improvisation and song form. It will be in January 2018 at home on the farm.. Lots of dreams about collaborative projects with Laurence and a string quartet and Margie Gillis....all things in time.

Your new exercises will be honored and practiced in session so that we build an extensive repertoire to serve our various communities. Murmuration and Immersion exercises will be featured as they allow for intensive shared leadership and innovation from all. We are all excited to share stories about music and life and how this improvisational work fits into your communities.

Watching singers meet one another from various years and countries, I am inspired mightily. I imagine you will be too. We have met in Hawaii at the farm, in California at Asilomar, in New York at Woodstock and in Portugal. We hope this east coast location makes the 2018 Summit possible for many. Please come. Building our international community is vital. These times urge all of us to show up and invent our future. We are thinking 2019 will be a year to plan some smaller more local gatherings and to save time and money for the 2020 birthday celebration in Hawaii. Dreaming of a big gathering on the farm with all of you.
Please plan to come to as many All The Way In Summits as you can. International collaboration is the way through the current political turmoil. We need one another more than ever. 

I can already see your faces as you come together and meet or re-meet one another. It is a treasure to work with you, to watch the invention you all create. I am honored to call this Summit and to be there guiding and supporting.
Please contact Margie to sort out the details.
We are both here for you to help figure out how.
Many blessings and songs of the whole earth.

Special Sessions

*  vocal technique and vocal health

*  singing over chord changes

*  the voice and body connection

*   songwriting

*  using Vocal River exercises  in a structured setting including choral and classroom settings

Be A Featured Artist

We are now featuring artists who have completed All The Way In, building a wonderful library of artists, teachers and lessons. Learn more!

Plan ahead for this very special  ATWI Summit 2020 in HAWAII -come celebrate Rhiannon's birthday!!
 February 29-March 8, 2020.

2020 on LEO NANI FARMS on the Big Island of Hawaii.   
Join Rhiannon for the 2020 ATWI SUMMIT which will be a big 75th  birthday bash for Rhiannon.
See the farm, work in the studio, swim, sing-be together!

2018 Vermont ($1400-$1600) lowest cost
2019 NO SUMMIT in 2019--please save your money and come to Hawaii in 2020  
2020 Hawaii (approx $2000)    Feb 29 – Mar 8, 2020 SAVE THE DATES!!

Please think ahead, now is the time to plan ahead for SUMMER 2018 and beyond.  Try to coordinate and collaborate to save money and extend possibilities to others who might need your support, and find your way to beautiful Vermont. If you have frequent flyer miles to share that can be a wonderful help to a singer struggling to make a big trip.The setting is perfect to allow rich study and the wealth of nature to inspire us. Come to Vermont - The more the merrier!