About Vocal River

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Rhiannon’s story of passionate commitment to music—especially vocal improvisation—takes us through the twists and turns of her life, from a young girl discovering singing on her family’s Missouri River farm to internationally acclaimed artist and full circle as she combines farming and art on Hawaii Island. In Vocal River, Rhiannon reveals the skill and spirit of improvisation—both onstage and in daily life—for singers, musicians, artists and anyone interested in combining the creative aspects that touch all our lives. The book is also a meticulous guide to Rhiannon’s methods of teaching improvisation featuring thirty-three detailed exercises that bring us into the circle of music where, step by step, we learn about blend, collaboration, soloing, listening, skill, faith and generosity. Vocal River is the culmination of Rhiannon's long and celebrated career as an international performer and teacher. In it she shares her exuberance, her craft, and her fresh insights into the dimensions and gifts of improvisation.
Rhiannon is incredibly brilliant and fun. I trust her musical instincts completely.  A fellow graduate of MSU (Making Stuff Up) and a member of Voicestra since the beginning, she's one of my very favorite people to improvise with. I'm so glad she's finally taken the time to document her thoughtful, heartfelt, inspired approach  Delve in deeply!Bobby McFerrin
Photography: Jan E Watson
Cover design: Steve Parke
Book design: Susan Mangan

Click here for links to teachers of vocal improvisation who are trained in this method, as well as some of Rhiannon's advanced students available for collaborations, lessons and networking; inviting you into this circle of improvisation.

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