Based in the Twin Cities on Dakota homelands, vocalist Sarah M. Greer ( has invented music on local and international stages. An avid singer and song carrier, she has led her improv-based song circle,  Songtaneous since 2006 and teaches singing at Minneapolis College as well as to private students. Sarah released her original and highly improvised debut album What the Music Says Do in 2018. She is passionate, almost evangelical, about every person’s right to sing and about the power of singing to change the world.

Sunday, January 31.   9AM Hawaii time 
*11AM Pacific time/1PM Central time/
2PM East Coast time
8PM western Europe time                 Daylight Savings time does not change    in Hawaii. 

Be free to sing or meditate. During the zoom meetings you will only hear Rhiannon and Sarah. You all will be singing or mediating at home privately. We would like to share your screen video so we can see the community and celebrate together the beautiful people attending the zoom meeting. To confirm-your audio will be muted but we will see you and you will see each other.  Rhiannon loves and  respects how important it is to see eaach other..all of us, together.

Our deep thanks for joining us and for your support. 


Please check in 10 minutes ahead and wait in the waiting room. The host will let you in when the meeting begins. 9:00 am

After simple opening remarks  
we will sing uninterrupted for 1/2 hour.   

The ceremony will be with voices muted.   

ZOOM LINK will be emailed upon registration

Air Prayers #3

Register for Jan. 31, '21

​We arrive together for another singing ceremony.
We are singing on behalf of reconciling with all beings. 
Releasing grudges and resentments. 
Grateful for all beings and the generosity that is possible among us. 
Learning with and from one another to build abundance. 

Because of the inauguration. 
Because of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy of protest and activism. 
Because of the need to start over and come into better relations with all beings. 

Because of the Kulu moon 
“A good day for soul searching, introspection, self analysis and affirming our relationship to the vastness of the cosmos. As well as giving thanks for everyday blessings.”

No singing experience necessary.
All your voices welcome and desired. 

between 1:45-2:00 pm east coast time.  ACTUAL MEETING TIME for AIR PRAYERS  2:00-2:30 pm east coast time
followed by an optional conversation time 2:30-3:00 east coast time.​

Please select your own price
FREE - or $10.00
or pick your own price
Everyone is welcome.
When you pay  (when you select your payment option -this includes the FREE option-this will generate your registration and then you will be sent  a
ZOOM LINK to join AIR PRAYERS.         Thank you for taking the time to register. We welcome each and every one of you.

AIR PRAYERS is a monthly gathering offered on ZOOM.  Rhiannon will have special guests each month as we sing our prayers into the air.

Sunday, January 31, 2021   2:00-2:30 pm east cost time               
9:00-9:30 am HAWAII TIME

Please invite friends-
-all voices welcome                                          -all prayers welcome 

See you on Sunday.                                          We are all in this together.  
Rhiannon and Sarah

Payment Options: please choose free - or set your own price

REGISTRATION                          *we will send you a link for the ZOOM MEETING

upcoming air prayers 2021 ...more info coming soon

December Air Prayers

Rhiannon, Laurel, SHAY

 AIR PRAYERS #2   SUNDAY, December 20
9:00 am HT (30 min.)