and special guests
Pura Fe' and Jenn Eng

Pura Fé (Tuscarora/Taino) is an Indigenous activist, singer-songwriter, and storyteller known for her distinct, soulful vocals and for breathing life into several musical genres. Her work as a musician has brought her around the world to do work at festivals, benefits, in classrooms, online, and in the studio. As a Native activist and cultural leader, she has done work to combat the erasure of native culture, restore traditions, build community, fight corporate takeover of native land, and give a voice to those facing social injustice.  

As the founding member of the internationally renowned Native Women’s a cappella trio Ulali, Pura Fé helped to create a movement throughout Indian Country, which not only empowered Native Women’s hand drum and harmony, but also built a bridge for Native music into the mainstream music scene.  Ulali’s unique fusion of ancestral music, cultural roots, and message has left its mark. Ulali has recorded music for soundtracks, television commercials, has had platinum sales in Italy, and appeared at several events for the benefit of Indigenous Peoples and the environment. 

Pura Fé’s solo career has produced six studio albums with her Native Blues and lap-steel slide guitar work. While touring Europe with Music Maker Blues Review under Dixie Frog and Nueva Onda French labels, she won Grand Prix du Disque from L'Académie Charls Cros (French Grammy) for Best World Album in 2006 for Tuscarora Nation Blues, and a Native American Music Award (NAMMY) for Best Female Artist for Follow Your Heart’s Desire in the same year. 

A dancer with busy hands, Jenn Eng has always loved music & making stuff; from dances to dresses, films to feathered earrings, The Pointer Sisters to Puamana, she's loved fashion & performance since “once upon a time” & mom was her first muse. She earned her BFA in Theater, from NYU Tisch School of the Arts & travelled the world as a professional dancer (2nd National Tour of Miss Saigon, Paul McCartney’s Driving USA Tour.) As a teacher & choreographer, her style is authentic & vital. She offers creative expression as a tool for accessing joy, as well as a safe place to tell our truth. For Jenn, dance & movement, sparked by deep listening & saying yes, free us to express our inner & outer landscapes, & bring forth our love & courage into the world. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021       
9AM Hawaii time

*noon Pacific time
3PM East Coast time
9PM western Europe time                
note: Daylight Savings time does not change  in Hawaii. 

Be free to sing or meditate. During the zoom meetings you will only hear Rhiannon and Pura Fe'. You all will be singing or mediating at home privately. We would like to share your screen video so we can see the community and celebrate together the beautiful people attending the zoom meeting. To confirm-your audio will be muted but we will see you and you will see each other.  Rhiannon loves and  respects how important it is to see eaach other..all of us, together.

Our deep thanks for joining us and for your support. 


Please check in 10 minutes ahead and wait in the waiting room. The host will let you in when the meeting begins. 

After simple opening remarks  we will sing uninterrupted for 1/2 hour.   

The ceremony will be with voices muted.   
Rhiannon will stay on zoom for 30 minutes at the end of Air Prayers and welcomes your comments at this time.
Our zoom host, Keara will unmute and bring participants into the conversation one at a time.
We find your comments, stories, poetry and insights an important part of our gathering.

ZOOM LINK will be emailed after registration and usually the day before the event.

Air Prayers #5 with Pura Fe' and Jenn Eng March 28-SUNDAY

We arrive together for another singing ceremony. 

 Air Prayers will sing Transition
on March 28. 
We are all feeling the shift to spring, real or anticipated. 
There is so much change in the air so let’s sing into that power, that reality that sees justice, inspiration and the rebirth of what we treasure in our lives and our cultures. 

We have a full moon in Libra on March 28, the Worm Moon. That means the worms are moving and rising up in the soil to prepare the earth for planting. A powerful time of balance and regenerating life. 

We request that you bring seeds to
Air Prayers that will go into the ground or a flower pot or raised bed or be flung into a vacant lot as spring arrives where you are. 

Pura Fe' is my musical guest at this
Air Prayers and it is perfect timing.
She is from the Tuscarora Nation of
North Carolina area. Music has  been her way to remember and go forward. She dreams songs. Songs that are ancient but arrive fresh in her night visions. She and I talked about the theme of transition, the worms, the soil warming, first flowers, dedicating ourselves to be part of that in a musical way. 

Pura Fe' has prepared a gorgeous track to guide us during the 1/2 hour of muted ensemble singing. You can sing as loud or soft as you want to raise your energy and send sound waves out around the planet. Pura Fe' and I will be singing over her track to inspire melodies, rhythms and improvised words all around. 

Jenn Eng will be dancing once again from her Hilo studio reminding us that our bodies want spring madly, gladly. Many of you have commented that her ecstatic movement inspires you to dance. 

We have also found that the discussion after 1/2 hour of singing is profound. You are not only thanking but offering comments, suggestions, insights, poems and dreams that are a rich part of the ceremony of Air Prayers. 

Please join us, tell your friends and family. 

See you on Sunday, March 28.
Prayers into the Air.

Welcome to Air Prayers. 

No singing experience necessary. 
All your voices welcome and desired. 

between 2:50-3:00 pm east coast time.  ACTUAL MEETING TIME for AIR PRAYERS  3:00-3:30 pm east coast time 
followed by an optional conversation time 3:30-4:00 east coast time.​ 

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See you on Sunday.                                          We are all in this together.  

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No singing experience necessary. 
All your voices welcome and desired.  

Please select your own price 
FREE - or $10.00 
or pick your own price 
Everyone is welcome. 
When you pay  (when you select your payment option -this includes the FREE option-this will generate your registration and then you will be sent  a 
ZOOM LINK to join AIR PRAYERS.         Thank you for taking the time to register. We welcome each and every one of you.