Air Prayers    for Ukraine 

On the day of Equinox, balance and change, we sing together around the world. 

Hosted by Rhiannon 
in collaboration with The Guilda, International Vocal Improvisation Network. 

Valentina Levchenko will offer her video in the Georgian mountains with singers of the region, telling how Ukrainian folk music opened her to a life in music.

Valentina Levchenko

Valentina Levchenko


Be free to sing or meditate. During the zoom meetings you will only hear Rhiannon and Valentina, and there will be a sound track prepared by  Manuel Linhares, Darya Yefremenko and Roy Willey. You all will be singing or ​meditating at home privately. We would like to share your screen video so we can see the community and celebrate together the beautiful people attending the zoom meeting. To confirm-your audio will be muted but we will see you and you will see each other.  Rhiannon loves and  respects how important it is to see each other...all of us, together. 

Our deep thanks for joining us and for your support.  

very special thanks to Oleg Shupliak  // Олег Шупляк Artist Based in Ukraine 🇺🇦  Open to cooperation with galleries and sales •

very special thanks to Oleg Shupliak // Олег Шупляк Artist Based in Ukraine 🇺🇦 Open to cooperation with galleries and sales •

Air Prayers #9 -SUNDAY, March 20th

We arrive together for another singing ceremony. 

 Be there and join the unfolding prayer in the air. 

Please be there,

 Air Prayers 
3pm east coast time

We have also found that the discussion after 1/2 hour of singing is profound. You are not only thanking but offering comments, suggestions, insights, poems and dreams that are a rich part of the ceremony of Air Prayers. 

No singing experience necessary. 
All your voices welcome and desired. 

between 2:50-3:00 pm east coast time.  ACTUAL MEETING TIME for AIR PRAYERS  3:00-3:30 pm east coast time 
followed by an optional conversation time 3:30-4:00 east coast time.​ 

Please select your own price 
 $5.00 to $50.00   or pick your own price 
Everyone is welcome. 

When you pay  (when you select your payment option-this will generate your registration and then you will be sent  a 
ZOOM LINK to join AIR PRAYERS.         Thank you for taking the time to register. We welcome each and every one of you. 

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Enjoy the beautiful soundtrack from AIR PRAYERS #9 for Ukraine created by Valentina, Roy, Manuel and Darya.

Payment Options: please choose $5.00 to $50.00 - or set your own price. ALL PROCEEDS WILL SUPPORT THE UKRAINE