Featured Artist: Charlotte Roberts

From Charlotte: In 2013 and 2017 I journeyed in ATWI with dear singers/friends from around the world and was forever transformed through the power of our tribe, the Vocal River, Rhiannon’s mentorship and each of your gifts and sharing - thank you!

I am excited to be launching my debut album STAY IN YOUR POWER and a full season of my one-woman 60-minute improvisational performance Vocal Digs this May/June, in Melbourne, Australia. Having facilitated The Musical Body over a number of years now, I am taking a break from teaching for a month or two to launch my creative babies in intimate theatre spaces- combining movement, sound, listening, text, song form and Improvisation.

Read more about Charlotte's work as an artist and facilitator in Melbourne, Australia:

charlotteroberts.com.au   themusicalbody.com.au


Transporting audiences through the known and unknown of live looping, instrumental play, vocal experimentation, improvised sound and movement, Charllotte's live improvised performance Vocal Digs will be featured at La Mama Theatre June 23-28, 2018.
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WINTER RETREAT: The Musical Body


Read an interview with Melbourne Critique about The Musical Body, Stay In Your Power, and music as a tool for healing, liberation, transformation and empowerment. 

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Stay In Your Power
ALBUM LAUNCH: May 24 at Dancehouse, Carlton North
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A poetic slam of vocal gymnastics, Stay In Your Power is a mantra about femininity and power, the gift of life and the strength of family bonds. Tapping into areas of hip-hop, soul and pop while simultaneously rebelling against them all, the track is built off the back of a dense layering of vocal loops and beat box hooks, with Charlotte’s unique intonations shifting seamlessly between delicate control and powerfulclamour. The result is a perfect embodiment of the album as a whole – a stunning sonic chaos that exists beyond the structural constraints of the modern song.

“This album Stay in Your Power has been a delightful and rich collaboration with Joe Hammond of Pots and Pans Recording Studio over the past couple of years. I am still processing the depth of artistic growth, which it has created! It is really a kaleidoscope of raw acoustic pieces and more layered vocal and synth infused pieces also - inspired by the relationships between body-voice-breath-sound-silence-text and imagination. It feels like a good spread of the kooky, dark, crunchy and joyful places I've gone to as a human.” – Charlotte Roberts