"Spontaneity and tradition are counterpoints
in hula as in improvisational music.
Without form/tradition we cannot express the complexity, the delicacy, the power of motion,
horizontal and vertical.
Without improvisation/spontaneity there is no vital life force/mana, no rushing of the heart, no connection
to the soul and wholeness of all.
We need both."

" No standards are heard within this most unusually creative cd. Each one of the nine selections will pleasurably startle you. This beautiful white haired singer is called simply -- or rather un-simply -- Rhiannon. No charts were used. No rehearsals either. Everything you hear is improvised absolutely and completely right on the spot. I was almost hypnotized with the newfangled sound. Unpredictable at every corner. It had me just waiting for the next turn of musical events ahead. The sounds from the singer just might remind you of some other more familiar vocalists. Often you just might be reminded of such high, multi-octave singers such as Sarah Vaughn, Bas Shiva, Morgana King and Yma Sumac. What company. "

"Rhiannon is a phenom...Where is the cult?! I'll go...Whew, this woman raises a virtual storm....Free in the spiritual sense with pathos, humor and sometimes, "Let 'er rip." The artists with her are, also, special...The keyboard man lays down some of the most beautiful , artful improvisation I've heard in a long time..."
- Marge Korschgen, Kate Smith Promotions Chicago, US

"When I received this CD, I thought "not another vocalist!" What a surprise, this is serious contemporary jazz!  This is very, very good, I am impressed and delighted.
It will be a pleasure to introduce my listeners to this special CD.  What a fantastic voice and delivery. Thank you very much for sending this to me."

- Peter Kuller, JPL "Jazz from Down Under"  www.radio.adelaide.edu.au Australia

"...a thrilling collaboration with the piano trio...performance reminiscent of the horn utilizing the range of wide, immersive, mysterious sound . 4 people playing percussively in a long span of 12 minutes on "Inside" is a masterpiece.Overwhelmed by the transcendence of percussion technique of piano-Otmaro Ruiz also Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuna. In addition, the performance varied, such as developing into a powerful vocal from the poetry reading in "Drop of Rain".
Fusion of world music and jazz, music beyond the genre"
. ~This Is Jazz--Shigeyo Japan

"An artist with roots in the Midwest, Rhiannon is one of a handful of vocalists who can successfully explore totally improvised music. Her latest recording, Spontaneous, is a good introduction to her immense talents. Together with Abraham Laboriel, electric basses; Alex Acuna, drums and percussion, Otmaro Ruiz, acoustic piano and Jetro Da Silva, acoustic piano and keyboards, the ensemble (also named Spontaneous) creates magic. "Breath", "Multitudes" and "Drop of Rain" are profound experiences of music beyond predictability. If you enjoy Flora Purim and Grazyna Auguscik, you will enjoy this recording.
A graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 1967, Rhiannon has been a music educator and performer worldwide since 1980. She has released 5 CDs and worked with Bobby McFerrin in addition to facilitating a yearlong training called All The Way In, which is a powerful body-based vocal improvisation and sound healing process. Her home base is in Hakalau, Hawaii, where she has been teaching vocal improvisation retreats for over 25 years. Rhiannon is also a member of the noted vocal improvisation trio WeBe3 with David Worm and Joey Blake.


March 30, 2012 Spontaneous is here! In my hands and ready to come into yours. Very excited about the music which is entirely improvised in two live settings with audience: LA Sound Studio and David Friend Theater on the Berklee College campus in Boston. I am joined by long time collaborators and dear music friends Alex Acuna, Abraham Laboriel, Otmaro Ruiz and special guest Jetro DeSilva.
This album represents the first time I have been able to express the power, inspiration and inherent song form of improvisation in performance. We came to the sessions with no plan, no charts, just our lives in music and our relationships with one another, and the deep listening audience. The photographs are from Janne Watson and centered around Hawaii and the idea of spontaneity. Gorgeous work! As well as the beautiful graphic design by Suziroo and under it all the guru of live, mixed and mastered sound Peter Doell!
Available on this site, on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and wherever I am touring this year which includes Mainland US, Canada, Japan and Europe. Feels like a completion of a cycle. I hope you will agree it is worth waiting for. I'm happy!

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Special thanks and deep bows to: Suzanne d'Coney, Ray Slayton, Jan E Watson, Margie Farmer, Suziroo, Ryan McCormack and the dancers; Saffire Kaipo, Kanani Ojeda and Asacia Andrade, Chris Schaffer and the video crew in LA, LA Sound Studio, the audience in LA, Anne Vicari and the mix crew at LAFX Sound Studio, Berklee College of Music and the students at Berklee College to whom I dedicate "Keep On" because you represent the future of music.

Mahalo to Kua O Ka La', charter school on the Red Road in the Puna district, for allowing me and Janne to witness and record this hula. There on the lava rock interacting with the ocean and the moment, with the ipu gourd holding us all as it was played by kumu Ryan; a perfect reflection for the music herein.


Produced by Rhiannon
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Doell
Photography by Jan E Watson
CD cover design by Suzanne Haddon