two days: 10-1 (lunch break on your own) 2:30-5:00 both days
St. Mark's Church,  705 Rue Boulay , Acton Vale, QC J0H 1A0

Rhiannon will be returning to the Montreal area to offer a two day workshop in  Acton Vale, QC. This  gathering is designed for experienced improvisers -- strong, committed singers &
vocal teachers. Deepen your vocabulary and intuitive skills, inventing personal and ensemble music improvise in a small group, enjoy solo work in the circle, practice song form, small ensemble exercises, and group collaborations from Rhiannon's book Vocal River. 
Bring your ears, heart, mind and voice.
Details below! Contact Margie for more info.


... Rhiannon is a LIGHTNING BOLT. The charge is continuous, illuminating and revitalizing.  Susan Lachmann, Women On Air 

Rhiannon is a phenom...Where is the cult?!  I'll go...Whew,  this  woman raises a virtual storm....Free in the spiritual sense with pathos, humor and sometimes, "Let 'er rip." You will love it...If she doesn't win the prize, I'll quit....Noooooooooooo, No, I won't quit!!!!   Marge Korschgen, Kate Smith Promotions 

Sometimes words just simply fall short—and often that is the case with the shamanistic singing of Hawaii-based improvisational master Rhiannon.  If you have never heard Rhiannon you have not fully lived. She is a musician and performance artist with a healing touch, manifesting her powerful vision of social change through the arts worldwide.  New York City Jazz Record

Still vibrating inside n out from 5 days of improv singing. Immersed in the musical muse that surrounds us all always. I experience this as practice in the portal of speaking my truth. Rhiannon gives us the tools and opens our hearts to collaborate in this ephemeral artistry. I know we will continue to meet n create more.   
Barbara Aman 

Rhiannon truly is the Magellan of music - she teaches all over the world,  and all those places are brighter for it  
Marianne Ralbovsky, Tully Arts Council 

After almost 25 years of working with Rhiannon it just keeps getting better. She is a master and brings such depth and heart to the teaching of vocal improvisation. It's inspiring work and approaches singing from a place of human connection, life mystery, risk-taking, purpose, as well as skill. --if you are ready for a change in your music or your life, jump in! ... awesome and well worth the cost.  Laurel Murphy

Payment $300

 Here are a few ideas for lodging near the workshop location
-also there are a few AirBnB options in the area. 
Note church address at the top of this webpage.

An option  for those with cars-the next town over.  https://www.villanao.ca/