I've been carrying Vocal River around with me everywhere and savoring it as I read. It is so deeply beautiful....I feel the words rush off the page in to my heart and swirl around like a wash of colors that carry all the tones we ever sang together and apart. I am so grateful to have this constant reminder of Rhiannon and the tribe in which I feel most at home! Thank you, Rhiannon, Margie Farmer and Jan!!      Janiece Jaffe  
I have to cheer for a person who has sincerely devoted herself to helping others
to believe in themselves and find their own song
.     Jacqueline  ★★★★★ goodreads.com

★★★★★ Fantastic piece of work!!
It may be many years before the rest of the world wraps their head completely around the message of this book. Rhiannon is a true pioneer, not only music and voice, but of the human condition and what we need as society to survive. I cannot believe that that I have only just found her. Her concepts and exercises should be in every school (let alone music school) and offered to all ages. If we all could truly tap into our authentic voice and natural style of rhythm then we really could learn to synchronize ourselves
to those around us without losing our center. The world message is staggering

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Vocal River has been such an inspiration to me! I use its wisdom in my work with adults who have lost the  connection to their voices, in my work with teenage refugee girls whose voices have been silenced, and in my  own singing that continues to expand and explode! Thank you Rhiannon for this powerful reminder of the  importance of opening to the sound of our own souls, of listening to the sounds of the natural world, and of  joining with the sounds of community around us!!   Elise Wittl


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Click here for links to teachers of vocal improvisation 
who are trained in this method,
as well as some of Rhiannon's advanced students available for collaborations, lessons and workshops.