All The Way In 2023 SUMMIT in Hawaii

Rhiannon is planning a few different ATWI summits  in different parts of the world in hopes of keeping the cost as low as possible while reducing our carbon footprint. We hope this Summit in Hawaii will give our tribe a chance to get together and to sing once again with Rhiannon.


click image below to learn about the ATWI SUMMIT in PERUGIA in JUNE 2023


Hello friends-we are delighted tp announce that there will be a summit for graduates of 
ALL THE WAY IN  in Hawaii on Leo Nani Farms. 

February 2023 

ARRIVE on Feb 11
settle into your home
workshop sessions: 
February 12-18 
DEPARTURE February 19

Fee includes lodging, 
one closing dinner, and lunch on workshop days (7)
*singers will share the cost of car rentals with house mates, and take care of their own breakfast and dinners.