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With the farm safely in the hands of Janne and Floyd, I am on the road again, first trip since November.I have had the blessing of five days with my three sisters. How often does that get to happen? Wonderful and precious.
Friday I fly to Bloomington for several days of teaching, book events and performance through Janiece Jaffe and her musical community.
Then Miami Beach where I have never been, to visit chef Andrew and singer Kate.
Atlanta after that for special group teaching organized by Elise Witt and Gayanne Geurin with dear friends and family.
Finally to The Outer Banks in Duck the town, not the darling creature of the farm, where WeBe3 will teach a rare US residential workshop. You still have time to sign up for that and be with us in the glamorous spring right on the Atlantic coast. Imagine all the music springing up! We will focus on improvisation but there are always songs and the study of form, Circle Singing, vocal percussion jams, gospel and small ensemble work where you can try out all these skills. Joey, David and I are eager to work together and meet you all. Don't miss this musical, collaborative, community time at the beach.
On the way home, I will stop in the San Francisco Bay area to be part of the memorial for Gwen Avery at the Claremont Women's Cultural Arts Center. Boo Price and Linda Tillery are putting it together with a wonderful roster of musicians who love Gwen. That will be an evening to remember and to remind us of the treasure of Gwen.
Then I am home by early May. Back to the farm. Living my blessed double life as musician and farmer.
Hope to see you out there in one of those places. 
Enjoy spring.
A hui hou,
Rhiannon     more.....
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