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Dear planet earth spinning in the height of spring with all of us spinning as well. Doesn’t it feel so full, powerful, tremendous, out of control and fecund right now?

Leo Nani Farms is thriving with long awaited rains. Everything wants to be weeded, seeded, mulched, pruned, fed and planted. With a new guest hale, WWOOF (World Wide Opportunity on Organic Farms) cottage and barn addition, we are on the brink of wonder here. Making new spaces has created new possibilities. Our fully outfitted outdoor kitchen is ready for farm to table dinners including guest chefs and cooking classes. Next comes the music teaching and performance studio. I stand in that spot in the pasture every morning to sing my prayers. Turns out to be the perfect place for the music to live on the land. Bamboo kit house in the works. Fundraising coming soon.

And time for me to get out into the world and make music. I leave for Europe on June 9 visiting Rosenheim and Koln Germany as well as Castricum and Amsterdam Holland. I will end with a performance with singers friends in Dusseldorf. July 11 and 12  I will be in Vancouver in concert with more singer friends and finish the tour at dear Hollyhock on Cortes Island BC from July 13 to 18. Lucky me to continue to travel and fertilize with music.
I hope to meet you at one of these sessions or that you find a way to come to Hawaii to sing in the new studio which we plan to up and resonant by 2015.

Life is continuing to require deep faith, trust and forward motion. The more of us operating in full faith while singing, the better. I wish you a beautiful spring with the full bloom of summer on the way. 

Stories on the planet right now are hard to hold, the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria, the missing Malaysian plane, the ferry boat in Korea loaded with young ones, the senseless shootings, mining and landslide disasters, sherpas in avalanche, all the disasters and trauma that exists full on right beside the grace. How is it possible to hold all that? We understand that we are connected to all of it and to one another. We know that.

Here in Hawaii are two sailing canoes, traditionally outfitted and guided in an ancient Polynesian understanding of navigating by stars, waves and currents. The Hokule’a and Hikianalia set sail this week from Hilo harbor traveling for 3 years around the oceans of the planet in a spirit of oneness and aloha. We are so proud of these navigators and the crew who travel our connecting waters spreading peace and ancient knowledge. I hope you might follow them and encourage the understanding of our oneness—in troubled times. www.HOKULE’   

Please keep faith and keep singing. A hui hou, 

Study with Rhiannon

I: Feb 22-March 2   Hawai'i 
II: June 28-July 6    The Netherlands  
III: October 18-26   Rome 

Mele a Hakuwale 
FEB 8-18, 2015   Hawaii
July 12-17, 2015

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