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September 3, 2014
Each year, Sept. comes as a surprise. We thought summer would last forever. 
Here we are preparing for the change of season on Equinox and remembering schedules and new projects, school time and the approach of harvest on many levels. I hope for you that summer was a kind of bounty and that you can hold that grace as fall enters.
The world is turbulent beyond what seems possible. With each day there is more war, more tension, death from unnatural causes with more separation and distrust. Please do all you can in your community to stand tall for equality and generosity. 
Powerful new inventions and collaborations exist side by side with all this rancor. For example a car that runs on ocean water. The inventive minds and hearts continue no matter what and perhaps because of it all. Keep singing while you stand for peace. 
I am home for the month of Sept. preparing a fundraising campaign to build a music temple here on Leo Nani Farms where I can teach and perform, a pavilion to hold all kinds of artistic, cultural, farming, healing events. Bless the conjunction of art, farming and food. These basic collaborations have the power to remind us to keep believing we can create community where we live. May the music hold us all in every place around the world.
Starting in Oct. I travel to Santa Fe, Boston, New York, Rome, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Paris, Koln and the Bay Area of California. More details on that on this website. Please hold me in your prayers during this travel with my dear partner Janne who is about to become my wife, or I her wife, both of us becoming married mates. How wonderful to think of this after 25 years together. We will be informally married in several places so we can be with many of you. Feels important to be in ceremony of love at this time.
The earth is always below us and sky is always above. Of that we can be sure.
Blessings to you all,

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