Realizing the heart beat of the music,

That is—RHYTHM.
Every breath we take is part of the rhythm of being alive.
All essential life is in rhythm.
So how can it be that singers don’t study all kinds of rhythms?
Realizing the tremendous power of rhythm to call us all to song…….
 I ask that singers working with me learn syncopation.
You don’t have to go to conservatory to learn.
Listen to the music of the world, sing along as best you can.
Study Bob Stoloff’s great singer rhythm work.
Learn to sing on upbeats rather than downbeats.
Go to hear live music that defies your understanding and open your beautiful ears to it.
Sing with others who have different musical minds. Trade ideas.
The power of rhythm….the heartbeat of us all……..never fear just let in the polyrhythm.

News From Rhiannon

June 2016
In order to manage the hysteria of the current election year, Janne and I are watching all 7 seasons of West Wing written by Aaron Sorkin. Incredible, smart dialogue, lots of dramatic Situation Room correlation, staff relationships, and on and off collaboration between the west wing and congress. It helps me see how we got where we are now.
Blessings on Hillary, Bernie, Elizabeth and the voters and citizens of the US.
Anyway, at beginning of Season 5, there is a tense ending of an episode which is held in grace by a gorgeous contralto voice which we research to be Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance and many fine film scores. She is Australian and carries a unique concept in her singing. Many critics speak about her language improvisations with bemused curiosity. This is what she says about her personal language.  

"I sing in the language of the Heart. It's an invented language that I've had for a very long time. I believe I started singing in it when I was about 12. Roughly that time. And I believed that I was speaking to God when I sang in that language.”

Refreshing and inspiring to hear her speak so plainly about this language. Every time we enter the realm of music, of song, there is an opportunity to lift ourselves into the poetic grace of our hearts. However you want to call it. I believe we all know how that feels even if it is only for a moment. It reaffirms our humanity and connectedness. 

I heard Toni Morrison speaking in a video today about the role of artists in the culture. She says that we are dangerous. That we have the capacity to see into the true heart of things and the responsibility to share our truth. As a community we must do no less. 

The more of us who are expressing our personal artistry with an awareness of the kuleana (responsibility) we carry, the stronger will be the culture. The more fervent our desire to find our unique voice.

Blessings of creativity, of continuing to believe in goodness, in the face of unprovoked violence all around the planet, of standing for our own visions and understanding we are speaking to spirit, to our own bright, beautiful souls when we sing.

Blessings on that.

I head out on the road for two months starting June 26. I hope to see many of you during this extended trip around North America. Check my website tour page for details.

Keep singing for your life and all of ours.


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