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March 2015
March blows in.
I blow out to California for a visit to LA and the Bay Area. Workshop at Kate’s new music home in LA, presenting at a naturalist writer’s conference called Geography of Hope out in Point Reyes, stirring up new work in the Bay Area and visiting family and friends.
Meanwhile on the farm we harvested our first white tea flush. I am carrying a precious bag of the dried leaves with me to share with friends. The bounty of the farm continues!
We have already had two farm concerts in 2015, Women of the World from Boston, MA and David Lynn Grimes from Cordova, AK. Dear friends who graced the farm with their presence. Splendid to have Big Island friends bring pupus, go walking around the land and meet one another in the presence of great music. Mahalo to the musicians and the guests.
I am beginning my first local ongoing Vocal River class in Hilo. The first class was full. Feels right to bring it home!

 Our music/culture building project, Ha Lau Leo Nani, is prime in our every thought. We are negotiating the    complicated permitting process and feel more than ever that we are meant to build this creative community space. Not daunted, except occasionally, by the difficulty factors. We hold all of you who contributed in our grateful thanks. We are moving forward always. Please hold us in your thoughts and come visit. More details soon!

My sister Barbara died on Feb 15 in hospice in Phoenix, AZ, supported by her sisters and daughters. Being a mash unit nurse in the Viet Nam war was a defining event in her life. Bless her and all the other veterans who return home holding  devastating memories in their cells.
Bless all the life and death that comes every day. May the moment of birth and the moment of death be understood as part of a continuing journey or as my friend Samantha says, “It’s a round trip ticket.” We need a way to hold the grief and joy that floods through us on a daily basis. 
Music is a great healing.force. I just keep singing.
Love and music to you all.

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