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January 2016

The year turns.
We enter some new room of life.
Blank walls and ceiling.
The floor is made for dancing and the air for singing.
How can we make life better so that dance and song and drawing and writing all become understood as the essential life force that they are?
We do it by doing it!
We go do it.
We do it in places that need healing. Places that call to us. We sing everywhere we can, in all times of day or night and all kinds of weather.
We do it together and that makes us strong.
So I go do it at Kalani with Mele a Hakuwale on January 6. Singers will meet me there at the warm ponds, heated by Pele. We dream up.
We dance our way into song. Working together to understand how we improvise our dreams of music into being.
Then the year continues, going to California and the East Coast, Montreal, perhaps to Europe.
Mele and All The Way In, Alive!, duets with Laurence Hobgood on piano, and Omega with Bobby McFerrin, WeBe3, Christiane and Judi.
Hollyhock in Canada on Cortes Island.
Meanwhile my music studio is being built at Leo Nani Farms and the passionate vision to make music in the presence of cows, ducks, chickens, cats and dog, tea, cacao, turmeric, pineapples, bananas, papayas, avocados, citrus, flowers of riotous color and shape, this aina that sees up to Mauna Kea and down to the great Pacific.
All that because we have entered this new year.
And be it known that difficult and deadly times continue all around and we are part of that as well.
We sing because of it.
We sing through it.
We sing to make life better.
We sing to be free.

Blessings on this year of 2016.

Ha Lau Leo Nani - The Gathering Place


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