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Realizing the heart beat of the music,
That is—RHYTHM.
Every breath we take is part of the rhythm of being alive.
All essential life is in rhythm.
So how can it be that singers don’t study all kinds of rhythms?
Realizing the tremendous power of rhythm to call us all to song…….
 I ask that singers working with me learn syncopation.
You don’t have to go to conservatory to learn.
Listen to the music of the world, sing along as best you can.
Study Bob Stoloff’s great singer rhythm work.
Learn to sing on upbeats rather than downbeats.
Go to hear live music that defies your understanding and open your beautiful ears to it.
Sing with others who have different musical minds. Trade ideas.
The power of rhythm….the heartbeat of us all……..never fear just let in the polyrhythm.

Ha Lau Leo Nani - The Gathering Place

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