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Dear singers, Just home from a demanding, wildly inspiring tour of New York City, Montreal, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Atlanta. I felt the power of improvising and harmonizing in circle more than ever before.
For sure it was connected to the American elections which so far have turned out very badly, but this was before Nov 8.
In each circle, inspired by the Standing Rock Camp in North Dakota, we called an ancestor to stand with us, to honor them, as we bring our song on behalf of the living earth. I felt how it deepened our connection, brought the vulnerable presence of music as prayer, and a sense that we are on steady ground, devoted to good, as best we can.
Really I was stunned by how quickly we dove into deep musical waters. Bold, devoted, spirited, intelligent singing.
Also I see how groups in different places are spreading the improvisation ideas of Vocal River so that the circle grows bigger exponentially.
And each circle is different, the challenges of various kinds of musical training, the nature of each city and culture where we sing and the growing sense that creativity is our best way forward.
I felt honored to be in those circles. Thank you all for your beauty and fierce joy. I will be back. 

Margie and I are committed to a new scholarship program which started with Rhonda and J’s wedding in October ... Read more

For now, I am home for the winter on the farm in Hawaii. 
Everything is growing. The avocados and bananas wow! We sold 100 pounds to our local natural foods store with many more to come . Hurrah for PJ climbing the tree and bringing them down with stems. The crew on the farm is making great progress to bring our cacao crop to harvest in the next year or so. And now we see how to turn that orchard into a food forest; shade coffee, mushrooms, bees, herbs and thriving complex ecology. We, that is the royal we or Floyd to be exact, are completing the solar, front entrance lanai, and bathroom with lanai on the singing barn, in preparation for 3 workshops to be held in winter, January and February of 2017. Please look around this website for details and inspiration to join those workshops.

Oooops, actually All The Way In is sold out for 2017. I am so grateful to Margie Farmer and to all of you for signing up in good time so we can make detailed preparations. It will be a wondrous year I predict; 
Big Island of Hawaii at Leo Nani Farms, Portugal at Monte Velho retreat center and Denmark in the city of Copenhagen.
There are still a couple of places in the Mele a Hakuwale and Nature of Voice and Body workshops in Hawaii. If you are considering either of these workshops, now in the final month to get information and see how to make it possible.
Please don’t be daunted. These times require boldness and fiery commitment. 
Big Island has that energy in abundance with Pele and the powerful volcano energy she represents. Wild nature, thriving farm with ducks, chickens and cows as well, and music in the simple, spacious studio up on the hill where we see the Pacific Ocean and Mauna Kea while the Trade Winds blow. A miracle of a place to sing and move.
I am grateful for your support and love.
I believe in you and our circles of song.
I trust that somehow we can confront and resolve the troubles that plague our beautiful planet.
I stand with you in community.
Blessings all around.


We still have a few places available for Mele a Hakuwale
and The Nature of Voice and Body.
Register now!


Ha Lau Leo Nani - The Gathering Place

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When times take us to the wall, we dance, we sing, we stand together. That is the essence of this gathering with Rhiannon and Margie Gillis. Margie teaches conflict resolution around the world through her unique approach to dance and choreography. Rhiannon creates circles of improvised singing that crack the clouds of doubt and embolden us to shine. We can lift each other. Transform. Trust the arts as social change. This is the place to be, January 21 to 29, 2017.

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