Support Other Singers

Scholarship Fund - Margie and I are committed to a new scholarship program which started with Rhonda and J’s wedding in October where they spoke in their ceremony about the improvisation work with me that opened their hearts to find one another. They also encouraged their guests to contribute to a fund for other singers to study with me. That opened my eyes to possibilities. 

This fund will be used on behalf of artists of color and young full-time artists.
The money received will be given directly to that scholarship fund. 
I am thrilled to offer scholarships which will help to bring some deserving and creative singers on board.

Make your tax-deductible contribution now through Fractured Atlas.

Please note that all donations-large and small- are important and can be ear-marked for a certain person, or workshop, as part of a combined donation with others. Please make your tax-deductible donation through Fractured Atlas or directly to Rhiannon Music.

Write a note to Margie  and tell us:

1. who the gift is for: any singer Rhiannon chooses, or if it is for a certain person or workshop
2. Is this an individual donation or a donation as a "member" of a group of friends or workshop group
(for example: ATWI 2015 singer, or NYC singers, you can make your own group and dedicate your donations to a singer coming to a future workshop of you choice)
3. If you would like to have your gift listed/included on Rhiannon's website

Call Margie 252-202-0865 or email and let's talk about your ideas. Your contribution can be a life changing opportunity for another singer. Make the world a better place with music. Thank you!!

Buy a tee and give the gift of music! All proceeds from tees and mugs will be used for Rhiannon's scholarship fund.  
"It is one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn.
My favorite for traveling, moving and sleeping." 
- Jane Bogaert, All The Way In 2017

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If you prefer to make a direct contribution...

By check:
Please make your check payable to
Rhiannon Music,      
please write 'scholarship' in the memo line,and mail to:

PO BOX 371
Hakalau, Hawaii  96710                                        
Thank you!

Transfer your miles!

You can help others join Rhiannon's circle by giving frequent flyer miles
- an easy, painless way to make a big contribution.  Share your miles - and help another singer take flight!

We hope you will consider contributing in this way to support these beautiful singers
and Rhiannon's efforts, as she works to provide musical opportunities to a wider community.

We are currently trying to assemble an international community for the 2018 All The Way In Summit, and your flight miles will make all the difference...please help if you can. Thank you!

Please contact Margie if you are interested, and we will be happy to facilitate the process.