FALL 2021

Aloha to all of you. 
I am in the healing process after two retinal eye surgeries. 
Because this detachment was chronic, had been happening for some years, the reattachment is slow. 
The retina wants to stay in the place it knows most recently so the task is to carefully and gently remind it how to return to its original nice curve in the back of my eye. 
I feel confident in my surgical and healing team. I see them often. Lots of eye drops and need to rest although I can now do some work around the farm if I am careful.  
I listen to pod casts as well as lots of eye healing meditative music. And, of course, the continuing face down to support healing whenever I can. 
 I am most eager to leave that behind, but for now, I will face plant. 
So many of you have sung for me, offered suggestions about healing music and sent messages that mean the world to me. Thank you so much. 
Please know that I fully intend to return to singing and teaching work in the fall. 

I am laying low in August and beginning slowly in September to work online. 
Please stay in touch with me or Margie with your questions but be assured that vocal improvisation classes with me will happen.  I am very eager to meet online and even more to begin to return to live classes with all COVID protocols to make us safe. 
The world needs music. We need music. 
In fact it turns out, we are music. 
I love you all. Miss you terribly. Be well and safe and vaccinated. 
Prayers for our dear planet, all the emergencies going on especially Afghanistan, all the need to draw together, lay down our differences and heal.