disc 2 - soaring

This music will take you on a journey through a variety of a cappella landscapes. Fly with the six of us as we interweave and explore the edges of sound. You will be supported and challenged to learn new forms, stretch your voice, blend, and sing all the feelings, textures, and colors you can imagine.


Soar with this salsa groove. Learn the melody, try on the vocal horn parts, join the rhythm section, solo over it all, and trade fours and eights (a jazz term for singing four or eight bars then passing it to someone else) with Rhiannon and David. Let your musical ideas be influenced by what comes before. Trading fours developed as a way for jazz players to talk with each other in musical lines. It is part of the communication to pass your idea with care and definition. Make sure it is locked in, tonally and rhythmically. This requires deep listening and surrender.