disc 2 - soaring

This music will take you on a journey through a variety of a cappella landscapes. Fly with the six of us as we interweave and explore the edges of sound. You will be supported and challenged to learn new forms, stretch your voice, blend, and sing all the feelings, textures, and colors you can imagine.

Shape Shifting

This idea developed during Rhiannon's workshops as a way to create music that moves without a leader and changes spontaneously because everyone is listening intently. It was recorded live on one microphone. It begins with one person. The other singers join with harmony, interlocking parts, or rhythmic underpinning, soloing or staying silent until they hear an entry point. Changes occur suddenly, or through repetition of a phrase that guides the group to a new spot. We have set up a framework for you to enter, with the hope that it gives you room to explore. Try it with your friends or ensemble.