disc 2 - soaring

This music will take you on a journey through a variety of a cappella landscapes. Fly with the six of us as we interweave and explore the edges of sound. You will be supported and challenged to learn new forms, stretch your voice, blend, and sing all the feelings, textures, and colors you can imagine.


David Worm shows us the ways to add rhythmic texture to music. Experiment with sounds, using your lips, tongue, jaws, hands, chest, feet - your whole body - as a percussive instrument. Both the free-form duet and David's groove-laden solo were recorded without overdubs. Joey contributes his trademark bass, and we've added a vocal horn section to spark your imagination for soloing. Even though it is tempting to solo a melodic part, consider staying in the percussion groove and see how it feels to be part of the rhythm section, whether your voice is high or low, male or female.