disc 2 - soaring

This music will take you on a journey through a variety of a cappella landscapes. Fly with the six of us as we interweave and explore the edges of sound. You will be supported and challenged to learn new forms, stretch your voice, blend, and sing all the feelings, textures, and colors you can imagine.


In the tradition of a cappella jazz, this is a rich, harmonic ride that will challenge your listening skills and your ability to blend in ensemble. Study the individual parts, learn the lyrics, and improvise next to Rhiannon. Solo over the top, paying close attention to the chord changes and altered notes that set the framework for your musical choices. Start simple. Find one or two notes that fit, and expand as you become more familiar with the harmonic movement of the piece. Let creating language and imagery be as much a part of this experience as creating melody. Here is the vocal arrangement.